I can’t open myself up without falling in love with every person I like. There’s too much pain in that. So I stay closed.
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Separated at birth. (x)

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HAIM- “If I Could Change Your Mind”

Should be reviewing for tomorrow’s finals but what the heck. Alana, Danielle and Este got the moves!


The only other Lars Von Trier film I saw was Melancholia and I loved it. A few months ago, after reading about this movie, I considered myself hooked even before it premiered. I followed articles and waited and now, I can pretty sure say it’s well worth it.

Charlotte Gainsbourg plays Joe, a woman who retracts her sexual life from when she was a kid up until the time Seligman (played by Stellan Skarsgard) saw her laying almost unconscious in the street. She tells him her wildest experiences and the people she met.

What I can say is that this film is quite the rarity. I mean maybe I haven’t seen much sex-themed films but I will never forget Nymphomaniac. The script was amazing, the cast also was very well-picked and delivered. The excess graphic images (define too much though), made me cringe a bit especially that penis montage. Not that I haven’t seen dicks before but it was an odd feeling to look at scrotums and shafts in a continuous manner. I have to say I was very impressed with how Mr. Von Trier attacked this movie. It was a cinematic experience that also bordered on a possible sexual awakening. 

My friend Cess gave me a gift: THE 1975! 

Seriosuly where have this band been all my life? I honestly love all the songs!!

The thing is, they’re coming here May 6th and I want to go to! 

Proud to say we got negative 35 points in our Amazing Race game!! We were so behind and it was so much fun! Love these guys xx @jsamoah22 @19kk92 @praboobie #team6 (at St James Anglican Cathedral)

The Peer Project mentors & staff mixer with these guys! (no one could get away with the red eye!) #worklife #peerprojecttoronto #Thursday #standupcomedy #YAY #youthassistingyouth (at Absolute Comedy)


Kelis - Jerk Ribs (Mount Kimbie Remix) by Ninja Tune http://ift.tt/1kmQctc

This little (yet loud in all proportions) indie which features The Innkeepers stars Pat Healy & Sara Paxton plus David Koechner and Ethan Embry is one of the few select films that shattered me inside. I still can’t stop thinking about it. Gruesome. Bloody. Nasty. How money rules a person’s life can be his death also. Basically about a man who just got fired from his job and ran across an old friend at a bar then both met a couple who seemed strangely generous. The couple invited them over to their place to give them money…on their terms. From simple things to downright disgusting acts only a twisted psychopath could think of. What goes on from there is unspeakable and just cringe-worthy. I felt so uncomfortable and riveted all throughout the movie. It was THAT bad and THAT good! I have no idea if I would recommend this to anyone, because most of my pals are not into the horror genre and while I cannot put this in that category, the shock value might be overwhelming. 

A live version of my favorite Birdy song, "All About You"

Can’t listen to this song enough. Her music just shakes up my emotions inside. Such a talented artist. I love her!!

Today was kind of interesting.

So I started my day pissed off because not only I was running late to get to Kira who was claiming her HAIM tickets from someone she met on Kijiji, the trains also experienced major delays! Mondays are one of a kind. I admit I feel jealous that she’s going but she asked me to be there and protect her in case something bad happens. I mean you can’t just trust anyone you meet online anymore right. So after that I went to class with hopes of knowing what my midterm scores will be, but to my disappointment the professor didn’t even mark them yet! She also gave a boring ass lecture in which I decided to just take all my energy out by chatting with Cess through Facebook messenger. I miss her:( 

I also saw a rather graphic brochure about going vegan. My classmate Adriana was determined to have me switch over the other side by showing me that brochure. I felt sick. I didn’t even eat lunch after that. I just stayed in the caf with Johnny, Donna, Prabavi, Krish, Bonnie, Karen and Ramon. We talked about ghosts and the Malaysian airlines that disappeared. I’m baffled and I’m hopeful. Later that afternoon, our Leadership class had the best game ever! It was really fun strategizing and transferring marbles using washers and dental floss. Survivor! Haha. One of my classmates thought my girlfriend was Julie Anne and I didn’t exactly deny it but oh well. 

After school, I had something planned out with Ahmed. Froyo time! Mind you, I was supposed to start working on my English essay due tomorrow but I didn’t get to it. I went all the way to Scarbs and met up with him. That was our dinner. I love boba on red velvet froyo. We made plans for the summer (got a new TIFF bud!) and I found out he was leaving for Qatar on Sunday. I guess the #BROYO date was meant to be after all? Possibilities are there, but the future is always vague for me. I tend to always overthink things. I shouldn’t. I just wish tomorrow is more interesting than today.

Can we all talk about how amazing Lena Dunham did last night on Saturday Night Live?!

I was so excited for her debut and everyone on twitter raved about it. Some of course decided to hate on her as if their opinions matter but I can totally say she did a great job! My favorite skits were “Ooh Child”, Scandal and Girl! Her brand of comedy is a mix of intelligent, sarcastic and feminist which I call a trifecta: it reflects a part of the current generation. I love how she keeps it real and bring articulate about it. Her reactions to controversies always come from an honest place and she doesn’t compromise what she believes in. I just don’t get the hateful criticisms because of her weight. People are too shallow! Anyway, I know I’m getting off-topic already but I just wanna say way to go Lena!